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01 April 2010 @ 12:43 pm
Close-Open & Waiting Hearts  
Title: Close-Open
Author: ai_sumairu 
Chapters: 21/?
Pairings: KiSung, HenWook, EunHae, SiHan, HanChul, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YeWook & EunMin friendship.
Rating: G.
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst.
Word Count: 2,458.
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Warning: M-Preg and some cussing.
Summary: Kibum finally thought of a name...
Author's Note: Lots of KiSung love because I'm happy! XD Please read and comment. Many comments means an update either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. XP

Past Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7a)(7b)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)

“Will you protect me, gege?” )


Title: Waiting Hearts
Author: ai_sumairu 
Chapters: 7/?
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,010
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi (QMi) and Henry/Ryeowook (HenWook)
Genre: Romance & Friendship
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Summary: Sungmin makes the members do laundry.
Author's Note: I had some problems with my internet. Sorry, sorry for the late update. Please don't forget to comment. Hope you enjoy! :)

Past Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

“Hyung, I think it’ll be cute if we make clothes for Ddangkoma.” )
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