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simplyridi's Journal

Bittersweet Passion
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Welcome to Bittersweet Passion, created by Mika, Judy and Yukino.

This a community where the three of us will show our production namely, fanfictions and graphics.

All posts are only readable by joining the community.

We would love to know more about the people who joined this comm, so do leave comments at this this entry. ^^

Maintainer 1

From: Singapore
Livejournal: http://komoriyukino.livejournal.com
Interests: Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, SHINee, Se7en, Kpop, fanfics, Ikuta Toma. Going to expand myself into Japanese fandom soon. XD
Position: Fic writer/ In charge of Public relations.

Maintainer 2

Name: Judy aka koikechiaki
From: Singapore
Interests: I like JE, SUJU and FTI. I'm not really into DBSK, but I find them hot. :D
Others: I'm currently hooked on the novel series, House of Night. 8D
Position: Fic writer/Editor

Maintainer 3

Name: Mika (sawaranaide)
From: Sweden
Interests: I'm a big super junior & Heechul fan, but my favorite artist is Miyavi. I'm also addicted to asian dramas~<3
Spend most of my time writing, video editing and playing around with anything that involves creativity.
Others: Except from LJ, you'll find my work @ my youtube.
Position: Graphics & pictures